About this Website

This site is put together by Heidi Østbø Haugen and Manon Diederich in collaboration with Gambian migrants who have been to China. The project has not been funded by any government or organization.

The initial idea of making the Gambian migrants’ stories accessible to a wider public, was born in 2014, when the men were living under precarious situations in China and wanted to share their experiences. The idea had been pursued throughout the last one and a half years, with material being collected both in China, as well as in the Gambia. While most men have returned to the Gambia, some are still in China or other places in Asia.

The content of this site: It is important to acknowledge that all the migrants having collaborated in this project are male, hence, no perspectives from female migrants were included. Moreover, these accounts are not representative for Gambians’ migrants experiences in China as a whole, but only depict one facet of a larger and more complex picture.

The structure of the site: The website was conceived to narrate the men’s experiences from their departure to their return from China/Asia, split in 6 different chapters. The comments (in black) – contextualising the men’s individual accounts – were written by Heidi and Manon.

Due to safety reasons, we agreed on keeping the migrants’ identities anonymous.

For any questions, please contact:

Heidi Østbø Haugen, PhD
Department of Sociology and Human Geography
University of Oslo

Manon Diederich, MA
Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology
University of Cologne

Featured Image:  See-ming Lee, CC Licence