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Arbitrary arrests make life in Bangkok hell for African migrants, Prachatai English. Bangkok, Thailand. June 20, 2018. 

U-turn Asia – From the Gambia to Asia, paradisefm.gm, National Youth Show by Andrew GibbaBanjul, Gambia. July 9, 2016. 
U-turn Asia: Gambian Migrants to China Going Back Home. Law and Border Blog by Gary Chodorow. July 3, 2016.


African migrants are returning from China and telling their compatriots not to go. Quartz Magazine (Lily Kuo). July 1, 2016.

Le cauchemar des Gambiens de Canton. Le Monde Afrique. (Sébastien Le Belzic). July 19, 2016.

Why Gambian migrants are giving up on their “China Dream”. China in Africa Podast (Eric Olander and Cobus van Staden). August 7, 2016

For These African Migrants, China Isn’t What They Were Promised. The World Pos

Gambian migrants leave China.BBC World Service (Karen Chan). July 4, 2016. (link forthcoming).

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Other newspaper articles Gambians taking “the backway” to Europe

Tiny Gambia has a big export: Migrants desperate to reach Europe. Washington Post, June 14, 2015

Taking the back way out. The Gambia to Italy. IRIN News, October 8, 2015

My ‘back way’ story: “I saw dead bodies and would-be migrants with broken legs and arms”. What’s On Gambia, Novermber 29, 2014

Back way to Europe – is it a risk worth taking? The Point, October 23, 2014

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